That Pending Post!

You might be wondering, where on earth did my Christmas post go to? I’m sorry to disappoint but I didn’t manage to write it!¬†Nevertheless, I had a great Christmas and New Year celebration last year.

2017 has been a busy year so far. Lol! I’ve been caught up with work that I have very little time to write here. I will try my best to update my blog regularly. Hopefully, I will get to take time off my bust schedule to travel yet again!

I am looking forward to a fruitful 2017 as I believe that it is a great start to my writing career. Working as an educational writer allowed me to not only utilise my educational skills and experience, but also to allow my imagination to run wild. After all, that is what a writer should be like, right?


Christmas is coming! Holidays are near! I’m sure all of you have plans to celebrate this joyous season. I cannot wait to share my experience celebrating Christmas to you guys. As a Christian, we have a different purpose of celebrating it. It is not so much about presents, Christmas tree or Santa Claus. This day is made to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I will be sharing this wonderful news with you very soon (on Christmas day itself), so stay tuned!

My Travel Posts

Hello! I’m so excited to inform you that I will be having my travel post published in Travelicious very soon! I am currently waiting for my article to be approved and after that I will share a link in my website for you to read. This is something major to me as I’ve never had the opportunity to write for any company. I hope I will get the support from the readers to live out my dream as a writer! Thank you!

Hi there!

This is it! My first ever blog! I’m so not used to blogging as I journal in a notebook more (yeap, old-school me) and I’m totally new to WordPress! But I’m sure to post exciting materials and articles on my blog as soon as I settle down and know how to navigate my way around WordPress and the blogging world. With that being said, I can’t wait to post my very first article here! Wee, so excited!