That Pending Post!

You might be wondering, where on earth did my Christmas post go to? I’m sorry to disappoint but I didn’t manage to write it! Nevertheless, I had a great Christmas and New Year celebration last year.

2017 has been a busy year so far. Lol! I’ve been caught up with work that I have very little time to write here. I will try my best to update my blog regularly. Hopefully, I will get to take time off my bust schedule to travel yet again!

I am looking forward to a fruitful 2017 as I believe that it is a great start to my writing career. Working as an educational writer allowed me to not only utilise my educational skills and experience, but also to allow my imagination to run wild. After all, that is what a writer should be like, right?


Christmas is coming! Holidays are near! I’m sure all of you have plans to celebrate this joyous season. I cannot wait to share my experience celebrating Christmas to you guys. As a Christian, we have a different purpose of celebrating it. It is not so much about presents, Christmas tree or Santa Claus. This day is made to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. I will be sharing this wonderful news with you very soon (on Christmas day itself), so stay tuned!

A Trip to Myanmar…

Holidays are coming! Ever thought of going anywhere? If you are planning a short trip to somewhere near (for Asians) yet adventurous, Myanmar is the place to go!

Recently, me and my family took a short trip of 3 days to Yangon, Myanmar’s capital to explore the city. We were in for such pleasant treats!

Yangon is full of city life. You can find how tradition meets modernisation in Yangon. If you are interested in finding out where to go and what to do in Yangon with only such a short time, I have the details for you!

So, to read more about my trip to Yangon, click the link here. Also, don’t forget to check out Travelicious along the way. They can make everyone a professional writer! You know what they say, the pen is more powerful than the sword. 🙂

My Travel Posts

Hello! I’m so excited to inform you that I will be having my travel post published in Travelicious very soon! I am currently waiting for my article to be approved and after that I will share a link in my website for you to read. This is something major to me as I’ve never had the opportunity to write for any company. I hope I will get the support from the readers to live out my dream as a writer! Thank you!

Life Choices

Life ChoicesIt is pretty hard to picture myself, working and leaving a student’s life for good. Some say that they prefer the latter, but most will beg to differ. I had very mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m glad I don’t have to burn the midnight oil rushing through assignments and exams. On the other, student life is way easier than working life. All I can say is that this is part and parcel of life.

As I studied education (teaching) in college, naturally you might think that I will end up being a teacher. But what if I tell you I have decided to move away from teaching? It definitely doesn’t sound like a good plan because all the people I know that studied education love and will always pursue teaching as their career. I wanted to try something different as I’ve lost the interest and passion in teaching. I love writing. I love English. Why not I become a freelance/full time writer instead?

Looking for a job without you having experience in it is difficult. I patiently waited for a good two and a half months. I couldn’t get the job I desired. I knew that if there was no Plan B, I will never survive another month with the savings I have. So I decided to widen my options and applied for teaching posts. Not to my surprise, I got the job. (teachers are always high in demand) However, I contemplated for quite some time but finally accepted the offer unwillingly. At the moment, I just sat in front of my laptop, thinking why did I accept an offer I’m not interested in.

I knew that if I didn’t have an interest in doing something, I will never do it well. Besides, think about it-If I’m gonna do this on a long term basis, I will dread going to work, find excuses to go home early and probably piss everyone in the school. I didn’t want this to happen. It is not showing a good example to the students too. Nonetheless, I thought I’d give it a try. I challenged myself to do the best I could, but the interest just didn’t seem to spark again. I have been working for the past two weeks, and let me be frank, it is starting to get a little dull.

What I really want to do in life- learn new languages, do linguistics-related jobs, writing and travel. I soon discover myself having a passion for these few items, unfortunately during my college days. Is it too little too late? Maybe, as I didn’t have the chance to further my studies in any of these fields. However, I’m thankful that I found out my true interest earlier, rather than wasting my life doing things that I dislike.

Great news is, I pulled out my boldness to tender my resignation letter (with only 2 weeks of work lol!) to my superior. For that action, people might even judge me for being fickle minded and not being serious with the job. They can say what they want, as long as I come out knowing what I want in life and start living my dream.

I am willing to wait for the right moment to grasp that glimpse of my dream. I pray to the Lord that He will grant me my heart’s desires and have great plans for me in the future. As for now, I will be sitting patiently, waiting and waiting…